Welcome Dear Student & Parent to the G S Shetty International School

Our main concept is to nationally impart education ethically, inculcating good moral values and learning With modern teaching aids to help the student with easy learning and implement the learning in their day-to-day life. When at GSSIS you will learn the formula for 100% success which can be used professionally or in your everyday routine at home or outside, making you an asset to society. You will posses all the qualities to become an icon in this competitive world. With the able guidance and support of your parents, our teachers and counselors, and with an overall development you will have a bright future ahead.

Wishing you all the best!!

Sukesh Shetty



Dear Parents,

A warm welcome to the G S Shetty International School Nahur campus of Anthayya Education, a pioneer in the field of Quality Education from a decade since 2000. Anthayya Education is successfully running 6 Engineering Colleges, 3 Management Institutes, 3 Hospitality Management Colleges, 3 Pre-schools & 2 International School, Bombay Cambridge School, Pune, N.K.T. International School, Bhiwandi.

At G S Shetty International School, our endeavour is to make each child a leader & a winner in his / her field. For acquiring these, 2 things are required , Confidence & Knowledge. Confidence develops over a period of time when you are acquainted with the people around & the environment.

If a child comes and goes in a chauffer- driven Merc or BMW, he / she will develop a certain ego over a period of time. At the University become more reserved and end up with limited friends. On completion of their post-graduation,when he/she enters the real world, the major problem with such people is that they are unable to get along with groups, for lack of experience . As such they land up in the awkward positions, resulting in their isolation.

So the first thing which will be practised is that the parents will have to send their children in the school bus only. No private vehicles will be entertained. This will help your child to know his/her friends and interact with them. Each school bus will be equipped with GPRS to trace the location of the bus & a security marshall will be stationed for the safety of your child.

Apart from this, we will implement weekly project work to be done together by a group of 5 students. Every Saturday your child will give presentation to the class. This will develop the confidence of your child and help him/her to work in groups and make them good orators over a period of time. Knowledge could be developed by reading books prescribed not only by the curriculum, but also books and articles written by world-renowned thinkers & authors. Every week, one hour will be spared for public speaking where your child will be given a task to write his / her speech and address his/her class.

GSSIS will follow the "No bag concept". Each child will have his / her own locker where their books & uniforms for extra cultural activities will be kept. No big bag will burden your child.

GSSIS will follow the  "No Homework Concept". During the "Parents-Teachers Meet , teachers tell parents to take care of their children's studies. I think this is the responsibility of the school & the class teacher.Our school will follow no homework concept. Students will do this assignment in school.

GSSIS will ensure the overall development of your child. Our school will start with a prayer session followed by yoga. After the school academic hours, your child will spend 2 hours in school for sports, swimming, karate, music, singing & dancing sessions,dramaties etc.

The GSSIS school is a dream project for us, within which we inculcate innovative techniques for the overall development of your child.

With Best Regards.

Rakesh Shetty

About Us

The G S Shetty International School is an ICSE School beyond excellence, with an exclusive philosophy of Blended Schooling.We impart international quality education with an attractive blend of academics, value-based educatioand extra-curricular activities for the overall development of the child and to set them on the path o success to become international professionals for a better tomorrow.


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  • Friendly and welcoming place
  • Science and art classes
  • Positive learning environment
  • Educational field trips
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  • Science and art classes 

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