Exploration-Based-Learning which started in G S Shetty International School is this year is a teaching wherein students are motivated to probe into their problems, ask relevant questions and seek appropriate solutions to come to a positive conclusion. Such a deep insight into practical & academic problems makes the students very active and they bubble with ample ways of arriving at desirable results. Students undergo exploration-based-learning when they are looking at their own experiences and knowledge in their studies, and enquiring about further information to improve their understanding.

Exploration-Based-Learning mainly involves the learner and leads him/her to understand new concepts.

We stand for unbridled fearless curiosity! We foster learning spaces where students can freely pursue their passion and interests.
To promote scientific temperament and logical reasoning, the parents of Sr.K.G were invited to the school on the 27th of July and the tiny toddlers unfolded the concepts of water cycle. It was really amazing and mind-blowing to find students so zestful and lively, thereby presenting the water cycle in a dramatic manner. Parents were awestruck to see the little ones unfold the mysteries of evaporation, condensation & precipitation.

Nevertheless the students of grade IV & V proved their mettle by investigating details about the universe and exploring and revealing the facts. Parents were all praises and showered compliments on the students. A thundering applause was heard and parents melted away in raptures of joy, when the concept of Black Hole was presented in a dramatic manner and the constellations were elucidated with rare clarity..


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The G S Shetty International School is an ICSE School beyond excellence, with an exclusive philosophy of Blended Schooling.We impart international quality education with an attractive blend of academics, value-based educatioand extra-curricular activities for the overall development of the child and to set them on the path o success to become international professionals for a better tomorrow.


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